The Art Of Fashion: Land On Glitter | Basel Institut of Fashion FHNW. The Graduate Show

Hey ya all, this week I show you my favorite looks of the graduate show from the institut of fashion FHNW in Basel and introduce you to some of the talents. With the topic «Land on Glitter» once more, students from «Doing Fashion» Basel made sure to show the world that fashion is so much more than just clothing….!

Yannik Zamboni | 20. März 2018

Favorite look 1

Maya Christofori: is using complex asymetrical patterns to create a better whole and also bridges the gab between classic and modern.


More looks from Maya:



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La grande finale – Graduation Show 18 | ultimate emotions

Ein Beitrag geteilt von Maya Christofori (@maya.christofori) am



Loove Look 2

Rebecca Ammann: a skilfull, passionate and alternative way to dress up as a man to capture the attetion of the audience.


more of Rebecca`s collection:


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Love Look 3

Wendy Buck: Apocalyptical chaos and powerlessnes of the individual expressed in fashion!

more Wendy:

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