Local Spotlight: Feldermelder + Habib Defoundoux

Alpenflage checks the pulse of the Swiss underground and reports back. This month: Feldermelder and Habib Defoundoux.

Sven | 1. Mai 2018

Alpenflage is in Fribourg! We sit down with Manuel Oberholzer aka Feldermelder whose work as a producer, composer, installation artist, and co-founder of label OUS Records has been crucial to forward thinking music in Switzerland for the past 10 years. He tells us about the various aspects of his career and gives us a preview of his upcoming projects. Our second guest is Habib Defoundoux, the young beatmaker whose resume already includes tracks for international artists such as Wale, Lil Durk, SAFE, Siboy and Booba. We learn how he went from making beats in his bedroom to working with major artists and play a selection of his material. Also on the menu: new music from Geneva label EICA Records, Ozadya-affiliated producer YT Prod, RBMA alumnus Lemonick, and Lausanne legend Sebb Bash…as well as a Swiss classic from thrash metal band Coroner!


  1. Latchkey – The Darién Gap (EICA)
  2. 2 YT Prod – Essa e Pras Novinha Remix (Ozadya)
  3. Lemonick – Paramite Temple (Sans Absence)
  4. Sebb Bash – Mig Og (ALC)
  5. Feldermelder – 3 Yards of Warmth (Self – Released)
  6. Feldermelder – Everglades (Self – Released)
  7. Gibraltar Vacuum – Untitled (CDR)
  8. Feldermelder – Morning Claps (Self – Released)
  9. Furtherset – This Eternal Vanishing (OUS)
  10. Unknown – Another Place (Unknown)
  11. Feldermelder – Deep Cover Allures (OUS)
  12. Lil Durk – Pressure (Only The Family)
  13. Habib – Do You Love Me Still (Unknown)
  14. SAFE – Feel (Bando)
  15. Habib – Flowers (Unknown)
  16. Siboy – MULA feat. Booba (92I / Capitol France)
  17. Habib – Down Low (Unknown)
  18. Wale – Her Wave (Maybach Music Group)
  19. Coroner – Nosferatu (Noise International)



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